Muslims share peace message by handing out roses

Muslims in Luton spread a ‘message of love’ on Saturday– as they handed out roses, sweets and cards to shoppers outside Town Hall. The initiative celebrated the birth of Prophet Muhammed and was also designed to spark dialogue between members of all communities. Young Muslims stood on George Street from 11.30am to 2pm to hand out the gifts to hundreds of people doing last minute Christmas shopping.
The event’s organiser, Dawood Masood, told the Luton News that the initiative turned out to be a great success. He said: “It went viral on Facebook and I’ve seen so many messages from people who really liked it. “When you get nice comments and reaction it makes you smile knowing that people appreciate what you are doing. “I’ve had messages from people all over the country asking how they can replicate it.”
He added: “The experience was really good, there was a lot of dialogue and mutual understanding. “People realise that Muslims are peaceful whatever people like the EDL say. “The event was about sharing love, peace and harmony and the roses symbolised that.” In all a thousand flowers were handed out during the event.
Dawood added: “Some people have offered to sponsor the event next year as the roses were quite expensive– about 55p-60p each. “When we asked people if they wanted a free rose some looked at us suspiciously but a lot came over to ask us why we were doing it.”