ISIS does not represent Muslims – Hence, #NotInMyName

​Earlier today he and a number of other young people launched the local #NotInMyName campaign at the centre. The campaign encourages Luton Muslims to speak out against ISIS by saying that they do not represent them and that they reject their ideology.

Dawood Masood, Head teacher at the Al Hira Educational and Cultural Centre, said:
“#NotInMyName is a social media campaign against the group of violent extremists who have shown no mercy to individuals and groups of people from all walks of life – Sunnis, Shias, Iraqis, Kurds, Turks, Yazidis, Christians and more –  and have hijacked the sacred name of Islamic State.”
“ISIS are neither Islamic nor a state!”
“Last week we saw how extreme this group really are with the killing of humanitarian aid worker Alan Henning.  Alan lived and died for the innocent children of Syria and we honour his name and memory through this campaign.”
“We are committed Muslims and proud Lutonians who are insulted by the constant reference to these misguided individuals as ‘Islamic’ and therefore we are stating clearly and categorically that ISIS is not in our name.”
“We call upon a fellow Lutonians to join the campaign by tweeting #NotInMyName.”