Accounting Advice

Accounting For Charities & Faith Organisations

As part of our range of services to help with charity formation we offer extensive accounts preparation for charities and churches.

Along with our services that help those interested in setting up a charity, or making the most of gift aid for charities, our specialised accountants for small businesses and charities provide peace of mind when it comes to one of the most important things that affect your operation – money.

Our accounts preparation services can give you the peace of mind you need.

Helping Charities File Annual Returns & Reports To The Charity Commission

​These requirements include the preparation of annual accounts to particular standards and the examination or audit of those accounts.​ This can be difficult to do, especially if you’re a charity just starting up – however, one of the best things about us is that we’re experts in the area of accounts preparation.

​All churches and charities need to comply by law with current accounting regulations. These include the requirements of the Charities Act 1993; the Charities (Accounts and Reports) Regulations 2005, and “Accounting and Reporting by Charities” (SORP 2005).

If the annual income of your church or charity falls between £10,000 and £500,000​​ your accounts will need to be examined by an Independent Examiner. Above £500,000 a full professional audit will be required.

Use our accounts preparation service for peace of mind.

Accountants For Small Businesses

We also provide accounts preparation for small businesses. This includes a filing of tax return service for companies and those who are self-employed.

Gift Aid Services provides accounting for charities, churches and companies. Our account preparation service can give you a peace of mind and free you up to focus on the core values of your business.

So, whatever your accounting needs get in touch today.

Bookkeeping For Charities And Companies

We offer a monthly or weekly bookkeeping service to any size charity and company.

We process your data and maintain computerised records to produce detailed management reports.

Employment Contract

We provide employment contracts for charities/churches. We:

•Ensure that your church/charity employs its worker(s) in a way that is consistent with its constitution and the law.

•Explain the main options available to you as an employer

•Help you choose the most appropriate terms on which to employ

•Give you confidence to be able to agree reasonable terms of service in a cost effective way

•Help you avoid the potential pitfalls of employment and property law​.

Register a Company? Let us handle it for you!​

What we require from you:

To Choose a Company Name

Decide the type of Limited Company you want.

Please provide us with the proposed company name. We will search the register and let you know if the name is available to be used.

Sole Trader

This is a type of company owned by just one person, you are the company and the company is you.  If the company is sued, you are liable.  You are required to register with HMRC as a Sole Trader and file self assessement.  We provide this service.

Private Company Limited by Share (Ltd)

Limited Companies are legal entities in their own rights, they can be owned by people and the owners of the company are the shareholders.  If the business runs into trouble, the amount that shareholders are liable for is limited to the value of any investment they have made in the shares of the Company.

Private Company Limited by Guarantee (Ltd)

Companies Limited by Guarantee are often social enterprises, charities or other not-for-profit organisations, such as sports clubs or political parties that do not have owners.  All profits are reinvested back into either the organisation itself or its objectives.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited Partnerships are very similar to Limited Companies in that they both offer a limited liability to their company’s members.  However, there are two very important differences:

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is taxed as a partnership, and can be organised with more flexibility

LLPs don’t have directors or shareholders, but can have as many members as you choose.

What you Get

Electronic .pdf copy of the Certificate of Incorporation

Electronic .pdf copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association

Electronic .pdf copy of the Share Certificates