Madrassah Managment

Dawood has developed a unique Madrassah management system to support the teaching and learning of young people for Mosque based Madrassahs or Supplementary Schools. The management system seeks to support and nurture the student learning experience and has a very clear focus on protecting children and young people in your care from harm through a robust approach to safeguarding. The management system incorporates the latest safeguarding principles, management, operational and procedural frameworks to support Mosque, Madrassah and school staff to run the educational centre.

The management system is non-theological. It is primarily a comprehensive series of tools, templates, training, policies, procedures and frameworks developed to support management to deliver an effective student learning experience. Whatever your curriculum this system will be able to manage your Madrassah.

This system specifically helps in:

  •  Admissions
  •  Class room behaviour
  •  Teacher Management
  •  Supporting your safe guarding policy
  •  Sustainability
  •  Teaching and learning in the class room
  •  And others