Unlikely friends united by a common goal

An unlikely friendship has developed between a Muslim community leader and a former member of the far right English Defence League.

Darren Carroll and Dawood Masood
Conversation over a coffee Credit: ITV News Anglia

Dawood Masood is a Muslim leader who promotes community cohesion and campaigns against extremism. Darren Carroll is a former member of the English Defence League. It’s founder, Tommy Robinson, is his nephew.

Both are determined to prove that whatever your race or background, it is possible to live peacefully alongside each other.

Darren Carroll and Dawood Masood
United in celebrating a Luton goal Credit: ITV News Anglia

“He’s cheering for Luton Town, I’m cheering for Luton Town, we’re both cheering for the same thing. Everyone is looking for Luton and harmony and here it is right now. We’ve got it, it’s just finding it. You don’t have to invent it you’ve just got to work at it.”

– Darren Carroll
Darren Carroll and Dawood Masood

“He came into the mosque, we had a discussion and we found out 99 percent of the stuff we agree with. I think he’s taken a big step in reaching out because him reaching out to me, it made my heart melt. We’re not a divided community, we’re one community.”

– Dawood Masood
Darren Carroll and Dawood Masood